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Film Fill Type Closed Cooling Tower
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Product: Views:166Film Fill Type Closed Cooling Tower 
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Last updated: 2017-09-03 09:12
For the end user, because the closed cooling system will process fluid keep in a clean closed loop, which has many advantages in operation and maintenance.

# Ensured no pollution to the process fluid
# Reduced the possibility of scale, to increase the system efficiency to the largest extent
# Reduced the system energy consumption cost
# Ensure reliable and efficient operation of the equipment throughout the year

Water source heat pump; Independent cooling equipment; Refrigeration unit; Natural cooling applications; Data processing center; Hybrid evaporative/dry cooling; Special liquid cooling; Cooling compressor jacket, intercooling, after cooling; Machine jacket cooling; Induction furnace cooling; A single cooling equipment for a variety of load for centralized cooling.

The advantages of closed cooling tower compared to other cooling towers:

Compared with the open type cooling tower:
Contains no pollutants of closed cooling can significantly reduce the scaling phenomenon in the process engineering,
To ensure the constant process performance in the long service term

Compared with the disposable water system:
Reduce the adverse impact on the environment, save 95% of the cooling water

Lower installation costs, reduce the space:
# To integrate the function of the effective cooling tower and heat exchanger and a single device, reduces the complexity of the tube and filling water system
# Closed cooling tower to make room for equipment installation valuable space
# Reduce the size of process conforms to the required pumps and pipes

Combined-flow Closed Circuit Cooling Tower (mixed-flow)

Energy efficiency
Axial fan uses half the energy of similar centrifugal fan units.
High performance fill factory-configured for excellent water or air contact and minimal air pressure drop. Guarantees optimal cooling tower efficiency.

Low maintenance and easy inspection
# Inspect and maintain safely towers with unrivaled comfort, while standing inside.

# The cooling tower has a internal area and easy inspection and maintenance access.
# Access via large hinged door to optional internal walkway: No basin draining needed for unit interior inspection.
# Inspection of water distribution system (spray branches and nozzles) possible outside the unit, during operation.
# Easy to inspect the coil during operation from the outside or from the inside via the removable drift eliminator modules.
# Easy to inspect the fill from the inside and via the removable combined inlet shields from the outside.

Easy installation
Cooling towers are factory-built and shipped in sections for larger models to reduce the overall size and weight, allowing easy on-site section assembly with smaller crane.

Counter Flow Closed Circuit Cooling Tower

More precise control of energy
As its fill packing design, there are more space of cooling coil, suggest to select dul-speed motor to achieve more precise control of energy.

Compact structure, smaller installation area
The cooling tower Integrated traditional condenser, cooling tower, circulating water pump, pool and connection pipe. It can operation without above auxiliary equipment, saved lots of space and has the lower comprehensive investment advantage

Compact installation of auxiliary equipment.
For some small cooling tower project, we put the small counter flow closed cooling tower and circulating pump, circulating water tank and control system together, formed a model of a whole unit, convenience for the users of the product.

Suitable for medium and low temperature and small temperature difference projects.
Model Water capacity Fan Spray pump Inlet/outlet pipe Weight Dimension
flow air volume power flow power DN net operation LxWxH
m³/h m³/h kw m³/h kw mm kg kg mm
LKH-30 30 32000 1.1*2 32.5 1.5 80 T:850 3100 2500x1970x2263
G:930 3230 2550x1970x2263
LKH-40 40 32000 1.1*2 32.5 1.5 80 T:900 3200 2500x1970x2263
G:1080 3420 2550x1970x2263
LKH-50 50 48000 1.1*3 45 2.2 80 T:1160 3820 3100x1970x2395
G:1280 3940 3160x1970x2395
LKH-60 60 48000 1.1*3 45 2.2 80 T:1250 3950 3100x1970x2395
G:13900 4100 3160x1970x2395
LKH-70 70 48000 1.1*3 58 2.2 100 T:1320 4090 3100x1970x2890
G:1500 4310 3160x1970x2890
LKH-80 80 48000 1.1*3 58 2.2 100 T:1460 4230 3100x1970x2890
G:1610 4400 3160x1970x2890
LKH-100 100 48000 1.1*3 58 2.2 100 T: 1630 4420 3100x1970x2890
G:1800 4590 3160x1970x2890
LKH-125 125 64000 1.1*4 89 4 125 T: 1870 5820 3840x2340x3120
G:2040 5990 4600x2340x3120
LKH-150 150 80000 1.5*4 100 5.5 150 T: 2130 6560 4350x2340x3645
G:2350 6780 5220x2340x3645
LKH-175 175 80000 1.5*4 130 5.5 150 T:2400 6780 4350x2340x3645
G:2580 6960 5220x2340x3645
LKH-200 200 80000 1.5*4 130 5.5 150 T:2650 6930 4350x2340x3645
G:2820 7120 5220x2340x3645
LKH-250 250 120000 2.2*4 172 7.5 200 T:2920 8630 5630x2340x3890
G:3200 9110 6760x2340x3890